Peter July 2918I set myself a goal of publishing an article of encouragement and interest every week.

I wake up each morning, grateful and happy to be alive, even when ‘times are tough’, so if my posts can help anyone else to feel the same way, my goal will be accomplished

These articles are essentially intended to offer the culture of encouragement and will follow the form of dream accomplishment; inspiration, thought management, self development, romance, adventure and so on.

Try these sample links:




I would greatly appreciate any comments and requests that you would wish to post. This will then give me an idea of the type of blogs that are of most benefit and enjoyment to you.

Should you wish to subscribe an article to this site, I would receive this with open arms (see post “A Challenge………” in Topic Archive list).


9 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Looks more likes saria’s ocarina

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  2. Behold is an amazing premium pay for victory. sirpeterjames.com

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  3. Sire Peter James,

    Greetings of compassion to you.

    I went to the same school and have always been intrigued by what Cecil John Rhodes truly meant by the last words he uttered on his death bed. I appreciate and I can relate to your interpretation and how you expounded on your understanding of the motto, how you manouvred and used the saying to reach your innermost wisdom of reaching your true potentiality!

    Amazing indeed! I got to make time. Time is static as you said however my physiology is not static, there is always motion and of course in nature too.
    Now I have knocked on the door and the door has been wide opened. I am listening to my heart where the source lives. I need financial assistance in the form of an investment into my being.

    I am nothing , I am everything , everything is nothing and nothing is everything.

    For now my focus is on esoteric spiritualism, spiritual counseling, esoteric healing, bio energy healing, esoteric massaging , vegetarianism and veganism.

    My heart led me to you and you are able to invest in me.

    Fond regards,


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    • Lovewell, thank you for your comment and the honest way in which you reveal your response to the article. I am touched that I might have had a little investment into the success of your future life. Your focus too, rings of excitement and adventure.
      Confortare Numquam Brother, I’m encouraged that we share the same Alma Mater.


  4. Shera Waneka said:

    Can you be my coach and help me with making money. Thanks

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    • When people chase money, they never catch it; reason: people only have two legs, money has four. When people focus on their passion and live in the now, then money chases them and because money has four legs and people have only two….money catches them. This is all the coaching you need; follow it and you will accomplish your dreams. Bless you

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  5. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone. I lost my son this September in a late Miscarriage and when I gave him back to the doctors lifeless I gave them a part of me that would never be returned back to me. I trust in the planner and have already begun to see that he has started a great work in me. Beginning with the loss of my son. Levi ❤

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    • Dearest Pathways, I am faced with the paradox of my pain for your loss and the joy of your engagement with the planner. Your Son, Levi, ‘joined in harmony’ was a link sent to you by the Planner, that you might connect in harmony for all your days. Levi is of a priestly line in ancient Hebrew history, he was an assistant to the Planner ensuring that all ran according to schedule of the Planner’s grand design for the Israelites. Take courage, your pain is a seed that you have sowed for a great harvest to come.

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