SirPeterJames.comI set myself a goal of publishing an article of encouragement and interest every week.

I wake up each morning, grateful and happy to be alive, even when ‘times are tough’, so if my posts can help anyone else to feel the same way, my goal will be accomplished

These articles are essentially intended to offer the culture of encouragement and will follow the form of dream accomplishment; inspiration, thought management, self development, romance, adventure and so on.

For those who are serious, spiritually speaking, there are spiritual posts and also Bible teachings on my spiritual site. These teachings are essentially aimed at people who are trying to make sense of the purpose of life and not so much those who are already involved in Christian communities.

I would greatly appreciate any comments and requests that you would wish to post. This will then give me an idea of the type of blogs that are of most benefit and enjoyment to you.

Should you wish to subscribe an article to this site, I would receive this with open arms (see post “A Challenge………” in Topic Archive list).

Lastly, I am in the process of writing an e-book of a Bible spiritual nature and hope to publish that during the course of this year, on my spiritual site.


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