A Tailor’s Shoppe

Butterfly and Caterpillar

Per chance, there was a day, when as I went, I espied, that there were a tailor’s shoppe along the way.

Surely, I cried, this is the place that I should seek, to have those changes to my attire that I wish to make.

Yet, many a day did go by, that I passed that way and woe, remembered that my cloth at home remained.

One day, I determined, on seeing the tailor’s shoppe, that I would return home to collect my cloth, then to present my cloth to the tailor for repair.

So it is that I went into the tailor’s shoppe, with some foreboding for that which I should find.

In great surprise my eyes set upon a gentle woman of great beauty.

She greeted me with solemn words of, ‘What is my Lord seeking’?  Yet her eyes said, ‘Are you the one for whom I have been waiting, all these long years’?

I said, in my heart, ‘Truly you are the one I have awaited, all these many years, but explained in faint voice, that I had cloth for repair.

Yet she held me to ransom; two long weeks before inviting me to return and collect my ware.

So it was that my love and I were to meet, two souls waiting their joining together.

The first time our lips did touch, in a kiss searching for love, surely even, the depths, each of the other’s soul; the wonderment of love, beyond our deepest dreams.

Now we dwell in the bliss of one soul wanting to touch, respect and willing the company of the other.

Will I not, so long as I breathe, ever forget that day by the tailor’s shoppe?

I have these words of wisdom which I offer to you:

Look at the partner of your youth; and say gently, “Let us, from this day, look to each other with new eyes that only see change of good in the other”.

The butterfly greeted the caterpillar, “Come let us fly”, warily the caterpillar replied, “Alas, I cannot fly, for I am a caterpillar”. “Hast a caterpillar wings”? The butterfly mocked. ”Of a truth you are no longer a caterpillar, but rather a butterfly. Come, let us fly…”

If we see each other with the eyes of change, we see not the caterpillar in one another; but rather, a butterfly of great beauty, taking to the air in flight resplendent.

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Author: SirPeterJames.com

Peter James is a blogger and a reviewer of books, movies, restaurants and any interesting places or issues of human appeal. He is essentially spiritually driven with a passion for self development of himself and his fellow travelers in this life. He focusses on posts that relate to the souls of his human counterparts, in the form of understanding, compassion, self-improvement and encouragement for each individual. His joy is to hear that what he has posted, has inspired some to look up and love themselves and their lives. 'Confortare numquam'

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