My Son Left Today

It is said, that no parent should have to bury their child.

Yet, in the span of our lives, we are not given the choice; there are many of us parents, who are given the painful task of burying our children.

Since time immemorial, certain parents have been handed this painful task; a task that came upon them suddenly and in shock, because a death of a child should not be theirs to realize.

Some might say that we were chosen for this experience, not by a random act of fate, but rather a carefully considered plan, set forth from the Master Life Planner, who plans perfectly in every instance.

Whilst we, in our human frailty might cry out, “Not me please, not my child”, The Planner might be heard to say, “I have planned it so for good, which you cannot see now, but one day, when you meet Me face-to-face, in that instant you will come to know and understand everything that I planned”.

The Planner would go on to say, “You  mother, in whose womb, I planted this little soul, as a tiny seed, that would one day bring you great joy and even sorrow at times; I watch your heart beating in anguish. I capture each of your many tears in a bottle, that will be seen by Me every moment, until you come home to me too”.

Then the Planner would say, “Mother, I know that you are not strong enough to bear this pain now, but I will be your strength forever; you will never leave my sight, not for one moment”.

“Always remember that it was I that chose the life of my child to grow in your love and care, out of all the billions of others that I could have chosen for this task. It was you and only you that I chose, to conceive, give birth and raise, the son that I shared with you for a short season and then I chose for you to give him back to Me”.

“Take courage mother, for I love you like no other can”.

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Peter James is a blogger and a reviewer of books, movies, restaurants and any interesting places or issues of human appeal. He is essentially spiritually driven with a passion for self development of himself and his fellow travelers in this life. He focusses on posts that relate to the souls of his human counterparts, in the form of understanding, compassion, self-improvement and encouragement for each individual. His joy is to hear that what he has posted, has inspired some to look up and love themselves and their lives. 'Confortare numquam'

10 thoughts on “My Son Left Today”

  1. I understand. It took me time to understand what my grandmother was going through when I lost my mum at 52. Thought I was the only one truly grieving. I’m sure it will help anybody who’s going through such a loss or has experienced it.


    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. The words were born out of hard cold reality; to lose a son of 47 years is an indescribable loss We published the article in the hopes of encouraging others who have experienced such pain. We hope to publish a follow up, sharing what it was like to live through the last six months and we’d be so grateful if it could help even one other soul.


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