Ode to My Brother

Lion of Judah

‘Syanibingelela wena umpi omkhulu’

We salute you great warrior.

Many battles, were fought by you

Many were the victories you came by

Yes, your greatest were the bar you crossed this last night.

As you rode thru’ the Arch of Triumph

Your armour glistening in the final light

Angels raised their swords in salute:

‘Siyanibingelela wena umpi omkhulu’

You are a great warrior my brother

Now you take your place in the ranks of the Great Knights

Those who fought the fight and were given victory

Yes, your greatest were the bar you crossed this last night.

The Lion Of Judah, did raise his voice, above the Great Knights,

From the right side of the throne, “Welcome home, My Brother

Warrior, you have fought your final fight and victory is yours”!

Yes, the greatest were the bar your crossed this last night.

Many there were, among the dragons, that sought to slay you

Many that sought to imprison you and take you for their own.

Many dragons howled in mockery of your stand

These your trusty sword did slay and you took your victory

Yes, your greatest were the bar you crossed this last night

As the band of your Brother Knights grows smaller

We do not grow faint but continue the great fight

Strenthened by your courage and victories

Yes, your greatest were the bar you crossed this last night.


Goodbye, for now, my precious Brother. I never thought I would say these words, because you followed me by years from our Mother’s womb.

You were not only my Brother, you were also my friend. In the seventy two years of your life, you gave me great pleasure, never was their an angry thought between us. We had lots of fun together and laughed a great deal.

You made me very proud to be your brother and whilst the tears of my pain fall, because I will miss you – my heart is filled with joy at your final victory and the gain of your dreams, for which you fought the good fight.


All rights reserved sirpeterjamesdotcom 2018

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Whilst the author has written it in honour of his brother’s passing, his greatest wish, for the article, is that it would help others to deal with their loss.












Author: SirPeterJames.com

Peter James is a blogger and a reviewer of books, movies, restaurants and any interesting places or issues of human appeal. He is essentially spiritually driven with a passion for self development of himself and his fellow travelers in this life. He focusses on posts that relate to the souls of his human counterparts, in the form of understanding, compassion, self-improvement and encouragement for each individual. His joy is to hear that what he has posted, has inspired some to look up and love themselves and their lives. 'Confortare numquam'

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