Harvard Cafe – Where Time Flies

Harvard Cafe

You want to fly and enjoy a great meal in a unique ambiance, all-in-one?

Harvard Cafe, Rand Airport is your place……..

It’s not that you have to enjoy aviation; you just want something different!

Airports globally are not known for good cuisine and service; Harvard Cafe is the exception.

Let’s begin here shall we:

Who will get a kick about enjoying a great meal experience at Harvard Cafe Rand?

  • Someone who is tired of conventional restauranting and who definitely wants something different.
  • Someone who is looking for good food and pleasant efficient service (a rare find today).
  • Children who are looking for fresh air and a fun playground.
  • Families who are looking for a relaxing time without having to pay a fortune for the experience (Friday free meals for kiddies).
  • Those who enjoy fresh beer on tap (Harvard have the volume to cater for that).
  • Aviators who enjoy seeing a big variety of classic aircraft in action.
  • Arm chair and wannabee pilots (it is said that, unlike old golfers, old pilots never lose their balls – just their wings)!
  • Business people looking for place to meet and discuss strategy or close a deal.
  • Romantics looking time to get to know each other

Eileen HarvardOf a truth – the list is endless……

Harvard Rand caters for functions of many kinds and has a large seating capacity.

There is live entertainment in the form of a variety of ballad singers, enjoyable as background and never obtrusive.

They have a menu that will appeal to every taste, including a Sushi Bar.

The menu pays a hearty tribute to burgers, seafood, steaks and poultry – Chef’s specialties show a leaning towards Mediterranean style dishes, with Kleftiko, Trinchado and Oxtail but it is the Pizza’s that will have you airborne, whether you choose a Harvard, Tiger Special or a Boeing.

As exciting; there is a special every day during the week:

HHarvard Cafe specials-banne

The restaurant is beautifully positioned very close to the runway & apron so patrons can admire the planes as they taxi to and from the runway only a stone’s throw away from their table.

There is seating inside and outside with tables close to the runway. The restaurant has a children’s section allowing them to play on a jungle gym whilst parents enjoy their Harvard Cafe experience.

Lunch at the Harvard is a cheerfully rowdy affair with light aircraft taking off alongside the restaurant.

As a once-a-week patron of four years standing, I can heartily recommend this all round top performer restaurant

This is an unsponsored restaurant review by sirpeterjamesdotcom

All rights reserved sirpeterjames.com©2018



Author: SirPeterJames.com

Peter James is a blogger and a reviewer of books, movies, restaurants and any interesting places or issues of human appeal. He is essentially spiritually driven with a passion for self development of himself and his fellow travelers in this life. He focusses on posts that relate to the souls of his human counterparts, in the form of understanding, compassion, self-improvement and encouragement for each individual. His joy is to hear that what he has posted, has inspired some to look up and love themselves and their lives. 'Confortare numquam'

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