‘Seeing the world through rose colored glasses’I love this story Dan, really cool.

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If there is one absolute truth about me, it is that I like airplanes. I love them. To say I am ‘interested’ in any facet of aviation would be a huge understatement. I become like a child on Christmas morning whenever I fly & I always make a special effort to go to some aviation museum or aircraft watching spot while in a different country.

I saw an advert for the Botswana International Airshow, typed the location into Google Maps to see how long it would take to drive there & then told my brother we would be going. I didn’t give him an option, which is amusing for me because nothing irritates him more than border crossings in Africa.

At 2AM on a cold winter morning, we set off on the roughly 5 hour drive. There were hardly any other vehicles on the roads which meant the drive was…

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