You are a brave young man Dan; because of this you will reap the harvest of a great life. I’m told that when you leave your home country, it takes 24 months before you lose the homesickness – but you surely made the best move…..

I apologize in advance for this not being a humorous post. As I wrote a while ago, I moved away from my home country to pursue a fantastic career opportunity. I haven’t written about life as an expat because I’m not entirely certain if my readers would find it interesting & because mostly, everyday life isn’t entertaining or amusing. Having said that, I wrote this because this is how I felt while I was in Hanoi.

Hanoi is the capital & second largest city in Vietnam. The city is an incredible blend of east & west. While there are many cities with unusual & fascinating blends, Hanoi seemed to have caught me off guard. The old French architecture is fused perfectly with Vietnamese culture & way of life. I absolutely loved sitting at a street side restaurant, sipping a Saigon beer & watching the world go by.

20181116_110600 Saigon Special…

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