Our dreams will surely lead us to take a flight or flights in mammoth aircraft that fly around the globe.If so, tune into Dan
‘s take on Aviation Myths and Misconceptions – you’ll learn some interesting things.

DanVenture Travels

When the time came for me to leave high school & further my education, I chose to go into aviation – more specifically, the field of avionics. Avionics is defined as electronics as applied to aviation. What does the mean? It means I spent years in classrooms listening to old people speak, I read a pile of textbooks, I spent a lot of time around & in airplanes, I studied for tests & exams & I finally got a piece of paper which proves I know something… apparently. Take that & combine it with my interest in the airline industry, you get a nerd with an aviation obsession. I have kept DanVenture Travels exclusively about travel because that is fun & relatable to a bigger audience, but I believe the time is right for a bit of variety of topics.

The general public is largely misinformed about flying & airplanes…

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