Every person who has ever flown commercially, or intends to fly, needs to read this series.

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In the last post, we had a look at two misconceptions about flying & today we’re going to look at a few more of these. It is important to acknowledge that some people have a genuine fear of flying, but many people have fears because of what they’ve seen on TV & in movies. If people didn’t believe the aviation fiction they saw, we’d have far fewer nervous fliers.

Using your cellphone will cause the plane to crash.

No. Please never believe anyone who tells you this is true. Aircraft have numerous communication & navigation systems which transmit & receive on a very wide band of frequencies. However, there is absolutely no way your cellphone will somehow shut down the engines or start a fire. I highly recommend that you keep your mobile device on ‘Airplane Mode’ though. Most people use their cellphones during take-off & landing & this is…

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