You are an exceptionally gifted poet, Prerna. Your poems float like a feather from a birds nest through my mind; they nourish my soul with peace and contentment. I was raised in Sub-Saharan Africa. Every year we prayed and waited for the rains to come. Expressing the bucolic fragrance of the first few drops of rain touching the burning soil I could not put into words; yet shall they remain indelible in my mind. Your magnificent poem, “Rain” brought it all back to me – I shall not be able to thank you enough. Thank you too for the follow and long may your fingers touch the keys, giving birth to poems that reach the depths of our hearts.

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Barren land,
Deserted soul,
Thirsty mind,
and the first drop of rain
as if dissolves
the emptiness; the loss;
the dryness of a soul
which knows no affection
as subtle as that of a raindrop.

And the greens that rejoice
at the announcement of nature
marking the descent
of the heavenly elixir
that oh, the Gods have sent
to quench the thirst
of the earthly wonders.

Behold, for when the raindrop falls
and kisses gently
the outstretched palms
of the leaves
longing for love;
they gleam with glee.

Such is the magic of rain
that even light splits
in sheer ecstasy
into seven colors
to bring delight
to the child
searching in the sky
for hues of inspiration.

~Prerna @besondersite

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