Goddess Tour to Egypt

An Interview with Michelle Leske – Tour Coordinator

“Michelle Leske, thank you for the opportunity of being able to interview you.

I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of your website; it was filled with loads of facts and thankfully no waffle. With beautiful media, and full descriptions of what one could expect from the tour, I felt like I wanted to make an immediate booking.

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Safari to Seychelles Islands

Some years ago I won an all expenses paid trip to the Seychelles Islands for my wife, myself and our baby daughter, as part of a top salesman award.

Prior to this my only knowledge of the Seychelles was idyllic white beaches, palm trees and blue seas which I had seen in magazines. You know those pictures that you look at and say in a dreamy kind of voice, “Wouldn’t you love to take a trip there”?

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My African Safari


How interesting is it that deep within all of us, there is a yearning for seeking the wilds; the wild outdoors where we sense connection with creation.

For those who are raised in the cities, the fast moving people, even faster moving traffic, sounds of the human, of machinery, it is a life that only knows one definition, ‘noisy rush’. It starts early in the day and continues with slow diminishing until the late night, where nearly all will come to a place of stillness. A stillness that will only exist for few hours, before, once again, she is swallowed up in the cacophony of the new day.

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Rediscovering Heroes of The Past

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Safari to Dar es Salaam.



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My Father, a flight engineer on a Central African Airways Viking aircraft was killed off the coast of Tanzania when the plane crashed in 1953. I was eight years old at the time and always believed that a day would come when he would return and it would all have been a bad dream. Although various family members had visited his grave, opportunity never came my way. Continue reading “Safari to Dar es Salaam.”