Ode to My Brother

‘Syanibingelela wena umpi omkhulu’

We salute you great warrior.

Many battles, were fought by you

Many were the victories you came by

Yes, your greatest were the bar you crossed this last night.

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Theodore Dingelberry’s Christmas in Dubai

Hello to All You Wonderful People

It’s me, Theodore Dingelberry, blogging you all the way from Dubai!

I am so excited, I’m celebrating my very first Christmas and I never expected it to be soooo  grand.

It all started with me seeing my very first ChristmasTheodore's First Christmas tree and how beautiful was that. The twinkling lights and a very big dazzling bright star right on the top of the tree. I saw so many colorfully wrapped presents under the tree and just wondered if one of those was for me.

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Theodore Dingelberry

Hello to all you wonderful people out there in the big wide world.

My name is Theodore Dingelberry and I am a travelling companion to my very close friend Antoinette.

Can you believe it? Here I am on my little red rubber dingy (especially made for me – I might just add) in a swimming pool at a very, ritzy hotel on the sea front – where? Wait for it – on holiday in Dubai, Yaaay!!!

Emirates JetI flew all the way over from Africa in this beautiful big silver jet. I sat with Antoinette in the cabin (no being stuffed away in suitcases with other little creatures that were travelling with us).

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Tot Facienda Parum Factum

Father Time

Tot Facienda Parum Factum

“So much to do, so little done”

Last words uttered by Cecil John Rhodes, British businessman, mining magnate and founder of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe and Zambia) on his deathbed.

This was the motto of my high school and whenever I remember these words, I recall my teachers, trying vainly to drum it into my mind that I was to find more time to study.

Good or bad, the words had little or no effect on a young man who found dreaming of far greater excitement and comfort.

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El Paraíso en la otra esquina

In momentous events, I think of our South African Comrades and Two Oceans, by way of example, it’s the wayside spectators that cheer us on our way, that keeps us heading for our goal. El Paraíso en la otra esquina, does that for me; how about you?

Cristian Mihai

”Maybe it’s the choices we make? We all start from the same grain but choose different paths? I’ve always thought most of us are only a handful of key decisions from a much different life.”Ashley Williams
It does seem that most of the time paradise is just around the corner, doesn’t it? That the life we want, the life we dream about on our most lonely of nights, is just out of our reach. Almost attainable.

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So You Are ADD Too?

Sea Shore

“We spend time in our dreams, our special world where everything is on our side”


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Speak to The Captain (Part Two)


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