Ode to My Brother

‘Syanibingelela wena umpi omkhulu’

We salute you great warrior.

Many battles, were fought by you

Many were the victories you came by

Yes, your greatest were the bar you crossed this last night.

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The Layde Scarlett

The Layde Scarlett – A poem by Sir Peter James dotcom

Scarlet, fairest of all maidens, that I perchance have set eyes upon. Within whose breasts beats a heart of care and tenderness

Whose warm eyes have called out the cold sorrow from within my heart, to an embrace so inviting, that my fears were pulled from the flames of anger burning within me. Fears who knew their berthing in my innermost, since I were in my mother’s womb. Drawing my heart to a place of calm waters and shady trees. Where my soul was stilled and my heart filled with peace and joy; a place where sorrows’ no longer reign.

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The Betrothal of the Knight Sir Peter James

Medieval Carriage

Now, it came to pass, that bold Knight, Sir Peter James, returned from his journey to the country of the dragons.
He was wont to see his maiden, the fair Layde Scarlet of all Albertinshire, to seek her hand in marriage.
On bended knee did he seek her approval to his bequest, “My Layde, I seek your hande in marriage, that I may satisfy the desires of my heart, even as I have sought all these years to give thee of my love”. The Knight did saye.
“Arise My Lord; my hand is thine, once I have sought approval of the Lord Albertin, my father”, saith The Layde Scarlett

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Sir Peter James a Knight of Old


Ode in honor of all those who war with demons of substance addiction to rescue their fellow humans, before these seek the solace of their own deaths.

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A Tailor’s Shoppe

Butterfly and Caterpillar

Per chance, there was a day, when as I went, I espied, that there were a tailor’s shoppe along the way.

Surely, I cried, this is the place that I should seek, to have those changes to my attire that I wish to make.

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