My African Safari


How interesting is it that deep within all of us, there is a yearning for seeking the wilds; the wild outdoors where we sense connection with creation.

For those who are raised in the cities, the fast moving people, even faster moving traffic, sounds of the human, of machinery, it is a life that only knows one definition, ‘noisy rush’. It starts early in the day and continues with slow diminishing until the late night, where nearly all will come to a place of stillness. A stillness that will only exist for few hours, before, once again, she is swallowed up in the cacophony of the new day.

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The Street Sweeper

A Book Review – The Street Sweeper by Elliot Perlman

Dachau Death Camp (2)

Dachau – First Nazi Death Camp

Who should read this book?

Those who:

  • Have an inclination for historical input from the Great War and Nazi death Camps in particular.
  • Want to know about the grisly details of millions of Jews gassed to an excruciating death.
  • Would like to experience a dynamic commentary on an aspect of the American Civil Rights issue in the late ‘50’s.
  • Wish to read of viewpoints (The author states that these are, along with characters in the book, fictitious), of certain Jewish folk of the day. I am sure that there is also a measure of truth bound up in the viewpoints of the characters too.
  • Would like to experience the unfairness of legal process in condemning a young man to six years of penal incarceration and then his struggle to avoid being charged for a further wrong doing by accusers (whilst this aspect of the story is fictional, it bears weight in true facts that have been revealed of similar incidents over time).
  • Enjoy being held by a novel that demands finishing.

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