Ode to My Brother

‘Syanibingelela wena umpi omkhulu’

We salute you great warrior.

Many battles, were fought by you

Many were the victories you came by

Yes, your greatest were the bar you crossed this last night.

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Dreams, Goals, Positivity

The very first blog that I ever published on my newly established site was, “The Person you want to be” and that was January 26 2017. I never knew Dreams 3anything about blogging and blog sites, but I had an dream to write and publish my own material. I made a commitment to publish an article each week and now, on January 13 2018, I have been able to publish in one year, 109 posts over two sites (In May 2017, I set up a second site, to publish my spiritual teachings).

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Theodore Dingelberry’s Christmas in Dubai

Hello to All You Wonderful People

It’s me, Theodore Dingelberry, blogging you all the way from Dubai!

I am so excited, I’m celebrating my very first Christmas and I never expected it to be soooo  grand.

It all started with me seeing my very first ChristmasTheodore's First Christmas tree and how beautiful was that. The twinkling lights and a very big dazzling bright star right on the top of the tree. I saw so many colorfully wrapped presents under the tree and just wondered if one of those was for me.

Then I saw children playing below the tree they were shrieking and laughing and throwing some white stuff at one another. The older one’s were making what looked like statues. Gilles explained to me that, that was stuff that they pretended was snow and in Dubai it was far too hot to ever snow, so people made pretend snow (Gilles is so clever, he knows about a lot of interesting things and he is always happy to explain, when I don’t understand). He also told me that the children were making snowmen.

Antoinina then asked me if I would like to go down and meet with Father Christmas.  I said I was a little afraid, but when she told me that Father Christmas was waiting to give me my present and that she would always be very close to me, I was happy to go.

Antoinina held me in her arms and together with Gilles took me to meet Father Christmas. He was a big man with a long white beard and a very deep voice and there were lots of children standing around him. I was afraid and held tightly onto Antoinina. When we came close, the children wanted to hold me, Father Christmas was very gentle and asked if the children could hold me as they wanted their mummies and daddies to take a photograph of them holding me.

Then, the big moment came. I sat on Father Christmas’s lap and he gave me my present. Gilles suggested we take the present up to our apartment and put it at the foot of the little Christmas tree that Antoinina had brought.

I was so excited and whilst Antoinina and Gilles had some snacks, I sat on the veranda and looked at all the very pretty lights outside.

I was so thrilled about my present and wondered if I would be able to sleep, before opening my present next morning.

I asked Antoinina if I could put my blankie and pillow next to the little Christmas tree so I could be near my present. She said that the twinkling lights might keep me awake, but I was too excited to sleep. She mad me promise that I would not open my present before her and Gilles got up in the morning.

It took so long to get to morning, but a last Antoinette and Gilles came through and I was allowed to open my present.

It was my first Christmas present and it made me so happy. My present was a camel – Tabilah is her name. Because Tabilah is a furry like me, we can talk to each other as well.  Tabilah is my very first furry friend. Antoinina showed me how climb up on Tabilah and how to ride her. Isn’t she beautiful?

I love Christmas, don’t you…….

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Theodore Dingelberry

Hello to all you wonderful people out there in the big wide world.

My name is Theodore Dingelberry and I am a travelling companion to my very close friend Antoinette.

Can you believe it? Here I am on my little red rubber dingy (especially made for me – I might just add) in a swimming pool at a very, ritzy hotel on the sea front – where? Wait for it – on holiday in Dubai, Yaaay!!!

Emirates JetI flew all the way over from Africa in this beautiful big silver jet. I sat with Antoinette in the cabin (no being stuffed away in suitcases with other little creatures that were travelling with us).

It was a very long flight, but it did go rather quickly. This was because Antoinette kept me on her lap most of the time. Emirates Cabin CrewThe stewards on the airplane were so caring, checking to see if I was comfortable and did I want anything to eat or drink?

Well, of course I am a little furry Elf and I never do eat or drink, at least food and drink that humans can see. Only I can see what I eat and drink, because I have special eyes. I have lots to eat and drink tucked in my little suitcase that I brought along.

Elf Pillow and BlankieThe stewards checked to see if I wanted a pillow or blankie, but of course their stuff was far too big for a little person like me. Anyway Antoinette explained to them that I always travel with my own pillow and blankie

Humans, I have found, are so kind and loving and particularly here on the plane; they make such a fuss over me, asking questions about where I come from and where am I going to. The children especially; they want to hold and hug me. Some get so excited when they are able to hug me that they nearly squash the breath out of me.

Antoinette is so good about that sort of thing and she watches over me, explaining to the children not to hold me too tight.

Back in Africa, I live in a lovely home with Antoinette, Gillmor, her Fiancé and four beautiful young ladies, their daughters. Then there are Dizzy and Bizzy, the Jack Russell’s’, Slinky, the cat and finally the fishies!

I miss them all, because our home is so full of fun and laughter, but then, I do have Antoinette and Gillmor all to myself; that’s when I’m not being fussed over by other humans as I travel.

Antoinette takes me with her wherever we go and I don’t spend time, all on my own in the hotel room. I know that might sound a little selfish on my part, but I love her so much and for me it’s very special to be in her company. When she does go out on her own or with Gillmor, I am also happy, because they need to spend time together.

Gillmor is a very successful business man who works in Dubai. Antoinette and I are just visiting and very happy to be with him. It’s good for him too, because he is a very long way from the family that he loves and misses. I’m very pleased that I don’t have to be apart from Antoinette like Gillmore is; I’m always with her, sleeping on her pillow at night, sitting atop her computer at the university where she works during the day; then homeward bound to my sisters, dogs, # one cat and fishies, all the while, sitting on the dashboard of Antoinette’s car, watching her drive.

I am going to tell you more as we holiday together in this special place, don’t forget to tune in on Saturday December 30 2017, as I show you pictures of our visits to the malls, museum and many other interesting places in Dubai.

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Safari to Seychelles Islands

Some years ago I won an all expenses paid trip to the Seychelles Islands for my wife, myself and our baby daughter, as part of a top salesman award.

Prior to this my only knowledge of the Seychelles was idyllic white beaches, palm trees and blue seas which I had seen in magazines. You know those pictures that you look at and say in a dreamy kind of voice, “Wouldn’t you love to take a trip there”?

I was aware that I had won a prize, but quite what prize, was kept secret by the management of the company for whom I worked.

There were a small group of us in the party that left the airport that day, buzzing with excitement. Apart from the managing director and his wife, none of us had ever been to the Seychelles before.

The excitement continued throughout the five hour flight and heightened as we approached the airport in the town of Victoria, capitol of the island of Mahé, largest island of the Seychelles chain.

There it was, laid out before my very eyes – white beaches and blue, blue sea. So, not all travel brochures were an exaggeration, I thought to myself!

Once we stepped into the outside air exiting our nice cool air-conditioned cabin, it was if we had stepped into a blast furnace! 30 degrees Celsius with humidity at some 70 percent, we were later informed and this was 4 PM in the afternoon.

We had left home in Johannesburg on a cold (10 degrees Celsius) wet morning with chilling winds gusting.

Fortunately our hotel was air-conditioned and in any event it took us all of about one day to settle in to the climate.


There are some one hundred and fifteen islands in the Seychelles, most of them uninhabited. The Portuguese admiral, Vasco Da Gama, discovered these islands in 1502. The first recorded landing was in 1609, by Captain Alexander Sharpeigh of the British East India Company.  The French took control in 1756, the British in 1814 and finally a crown colony was established in 1903.

The predominant language spoken on the islands is Seychellois Creole, then French and finally English.

The facts done, we continue with the Safari.

The Safari:

A day after we arrived, we rented a vintage schooner that had been faithfully restored by its owner, a retired Swedish Naval Captain. He, his two sisters and a dog which had never set foot on land, chartered this large 9-sailed schooner for tours around the islands.

Sailing into the Blue:

We set out from Victoria harbor on a cloudless, windless morning on our three day tour. The sea was smooth and the twin diesel engines throbbed us out of the bay. I was thinking how pleasant this was, until the captain shut the engines down, then he and his older sister began to hoist sail, whilst younger sister took the helm.

My first sailing experience:

I could not come to grips with the scene that next unfolded before me.

The moment the main sail was up, the boat became (to me) a monster, as she slew though the waves at what seemed to be some speed!

Looking over to the one side I saw a massive wave that surely would engulf us, and then what appeared as only seconds later we were on top of the wave and staring down into a watery precipice below.

I was overcome with a flood of nausea – sea sickness, my very first experience of the dreaded disease! I buckled at the knees, and gripping onto the side rails, began making some strange sounds toward the sea below. All the while, my little daughter, happily sat on her blankie in the center of the deck stared at my antics in obvious disbelief at her father’s strange behavior.


It took me a full day to recover and eventually gain my sea legs, before I could really enjoy the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen in my life, We anchored off a most splendid white sand beach and scuba-dived in the calm, warm blue sea, witnessing some the most magnificent marine life, that swam around us, seemingly unperturbed by our presence.

Island Adventure and Folklore:

We visited Praslin, the next biggest island after Mahé, where we saw the most inconceivable species of wild birds in the Vallée de Mai, but most interesting of all was the discovery of the coco de mer fruit. A large coconut styled outer shell, that has a gel like substance inside, when cracked open. The fruit grows only on Praslin, with tiny amounts on two other islands. The locals cut the outer shells and shape them into baskets. They also do a little carving on the one side so that at first glance, if held upright, it bears resemblance to naked female buttocks. 

Folklore has it (according to a guide that took us through the forest, where the coco de mer grow) that late at night, once a year, a stamen like fruit, up to a meter in length and bearing resemblance to the male organ, comes across to penetrate the coco de mer and fertilize it, for reproduction. The ‘reproduction’ process takes up to 9 years to bear fruit.

We saw headstones with inscriptions that dated them to the late 1700’s with French names, obviously placed there during the French occupation of the island.

Exotic Beaches, Extraordinary Creatures:

We paid a visit to the next biggest island, La Digue and saw many interesting sites. Firstly, so many beautiful beaches, giant turtles, tortoises, some up to 100 years old!

Returning to Mahé we passed a small privately owned island which had a huge colonial styled stately home on it, that could easily have been a prop for ‘Gone with the Wind’ .

All in all, if I spent a year in the Seychelles, it would not be enough to take in all the beautiful and fascinating places.

There was so much more that we enjoyed, apart from the sightseeing; water ski-ing, game fishing. Hotel was beautiful and clean, good décor. Food was exotic and tasty, night life interesting.

As a holiday destination, it gets five stars from me.

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History information: Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seychelles

Pictures by Bing:

https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=seychelles+islands &id=C67DD9568336AD3D573347AE3DB5972CA7607FAE&FORM=IQFRBA&ajf=100


A World of Difference

Are we not fortunate to be living in a world where every single thing that is within and surrounding us is different?

Whether you choose humanity, flora, fauna, geography, seasons, time, weather and natural phenomenon, you will see difference.

If this is not startling enough, then just be still and open your eyes, not only your physical eyes, but your mental eyes as well. You will come to see, after a while, that there is not only difference in everything, but there is absolute perfection in all the differences.

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The Science of Success

Wallace D Wattles – 1860–1911
A Book Review
Who should read this book?

I rather like the way the author himself suggests who should read these pages:

“This book is practical, not philosophical; a practical manual, not a treatise upon theories.

It is intended for men and woman whose most pressing need is money; who wish to get rich first and philosophize afterward. It is for those who have, so far, found neither the time, the means, nor the opportunity to go deeply into the study of metaphysics, but who want results and who are willing to take the conclusions of science as a basis for action, without going into all the processes by which these conclusions were reached.”

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