Multitasking – Fact or Fiction?


“One of the plagues of modern existence is multitasking, which leads to further plagues of “hurry sickness” and obsessive time management” – Dr. Caroline Leaf, (Switch on Your Brain).
As a mere male, whom, I might add, spends a goodly period of time in his cave, I will have to lean on my fairer sex fellow humans to read this article with some understanding of my limitations in the knowledge of this behavior, multitasking.
Dr. Caroline devotes a whole chapter to multitasking. “Stop Milkshake-Multitasking”, the chapter is headed. Her scientific explanation is, and I quote:
“Multitasking is a persistent myth. Paying deep focused attention to one task at a time is the correct way”. Continue reading “Multitasking – Fact or Fiction?”


Are Men really from Mars?

Lavatory Pic

As a young man, I was quite unaware that my origins were from the planet Mars, or so I was told by my older sister Andrea, who had three of us younger male siblings to contend with.

This information had burst forth from her mouth in an anguished moment of terror and humiliation early one winter’s morning.

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Saint Pinard

Saint Pinard



Saint Pinard

I recall some years ago a conversation I had with a French family, concerning my origins. At the time it raised much mirth among them resulting in the only member of the family, who could speak English, confiding in me.

“Peter” he said, “This name, Pinard is a beet of a joke in France”.

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