The Yellow Snake

The snake nestled itself around the neck of the fragile little child; a python that was at least a half a meter long and of good girth.

The little girl, quite unaware of any danger in this circumstance, remained completely still; almost unconcerned, when all of a sudden……

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August Rush


A film Review by sirpeterjamesdotcom.

Starring: Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Terence Howard and Robin Williams.

Into my life, every now and again, there slips a movie that I rate as a sensation!

‘August Rush’ is such a movie – why?

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Harvard Cafe – Where Time Flies

You want to fly and enjoy a great meal in a unique ambiance, all-in-one?

Harvard Cafe, Rand Airport is your place……..

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Land Grabbing

What is Land Grabbing?

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Il Forno – Italian Taste

Hake & chips/vegetable/salad plus a glass of Cape Chenin Blanc all for R138 (USD 11.25) – what! are you serious? There must be a mistake surely! Wait, because there’s more…….

Hake and Chips.jpg 3

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The Other Side of Bad Attitude

“Excuse me, that suitcase is mine” a very concerned gentleman with raised voice, lower down on the baggage conveyor said anxiously. “No sir, its mine”. I retorted, somewhat irritated by his attitude and particularly the level of his voice.

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The stories we tell ourselves.

What often appear to be ‘curved balls’ thrown at us during our lifetime are in fact miracle opportunities. Sometimes they are even timeous warnings of dangers on the journey ahead.
In my life they have, without exception, always been for my expressed benefit.

Thriving Under Pressure


Flooded with helplessness.

A friend of mine recently returned home from vacation to find his newly constructed house flooded.

The feelings of helplessness that followed were magnified by the story he was telling himself on repeat. That he was an idiot. Naive. A loser. Stupid for not knowing better.

 Loss of control.

This was something completely beyond his control. Yet there he was battling Mother Nature head on.

Making himself entirely responsible for the deluge of rain. All powerful. Yet completely powerless. Imprisoned by his thoughts alone.


He and his wife had only lived in their new home for 18 months. A dream house built for retirement.

Every aspect of the design painstakingly conceived. Which only amplified his despair.

Infinite Rumination.

But in that moment, the story in his mind was filled with self-accusation and punishment. Second guessing on repeat.

The loop in his head based on the assumption that he was…

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